i wanted to see seth play steph 1-on-one? and ended up incapcitated and manic, sucking down my ego, and making myself feel, again, but it doesn't mean that; for me, it means that hatred is omnipresent, but those who are haters weren't haters to start with

so-to say-thosehaters are awful, tragic, and abusive: the abusers, those who hate others, are always haters (and it makes sense for them to hate, to take advantage, and imprison psychologically, so as to feel the joy they squandered)

i don't think i am good, i think i am bad, like Michael Jackson wasn't a bad artist, say, but he was a bad artist, as numerous covers have been made and illegally profited to (and does xxxtentacion or will make his royalty statement official from spotify, for those lost minutes)

such abuses - such weird(ness) of the abuser, suggesting a deep connection to hatred, the same sort of hatred, that which is foreign to me to know that it is extremely intimate with some, such abuse and such abusive violence: the kind of thing that doesn't stop, but goes on and on & makes, doesn't create a person, as these sorts of abusers are always angry - always white-hot angry, always wanting and demanding simultaneously, abusing the very structure that the victim doesn't have, to cause chaos, not like creatively like Art Meets Chaos, but so disgustingly and violently to advantage certain kind, not certain people, but a certain ideology, one that is stupid and wrong, an ideology of abuse - so to abuse & abuse and taunt all the time, as the worst abusers do, and shouldn't


such abuses and rapes, so disgusting and ongoing, disgusting, causing necessarily, to deflect blame, so disgustingly and cowardly, reflecting a disposition so torturous


Jayson Williams killer or Ron Artest real man, role hard