i h8 u doesn't mean sza hates all guys, in fact it means she hates all women and men, those who aren't innocent enough to understand that life is crazy but people are too that people who hurt others are too crazy but it doesn't mean that, and it means that craziness is a solid state, not a flexible one, based on immorality and lack of self-respect and respect for others, particularly those who raised you well, not those who raised you poorly, and for God, ultimately, and to show her respect, to show whom is deserving respect, the innocent one, is Her? of course, Her, and her friend is innocent, saw them out back in Kentucky Fried Chicken's headquarters, eating steak no more soup, but it doesn't mean that i hate her too right it doesn't mean i'm obligated to fix shit, and it means i'm not obligated tgo fix the messes you've made, as terrible people do wish the worst for those who are helpers, and i'm not your helper, not to help you achieve any objective except Godliness, which is based in good morality lack of mental health as they define(d)d it to know that psychiatry is poison and that so magic is not to be usurped from God, to weirdo mansons and swifties, but rather preserved by ending them just the same but worse as innocence was taken forcibly, so to stop commensurate justice is necessary, worse treatment than they could have imagined, worse than ever, worse than anyone can imagine, so to prevent others from doing that again ever and to prevent them from acting like heroes, again, after earning their right punishment, which is so much worse than "hell on earth" which they thought and "the joyous hell they thought they'd have in hell," so to bury Hades, forever, i am to stop all semblances of that worship of the deviled sort and to end it permanently philosophically actively as applied everywhere especially psychiatry and police offices, so to know that there will be no weapons like that no drugs like the drug dealers provide, and no loss of innocence, no abortion and no death penalty, and total autonomy to the innocent to decide how to do so, and rectify Heaven, to make God permanent in life and death before presently and after, to abolish higher education, and allow only the innocent, to ban plan b any abortion drug that I choose anything Similar anything Similarly guided by God