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a person has usurped my name in au without my consent and it isn’t right nor am i writing yours stories it’s toy storieses to leave me alone, this individual is not me, was hired by a governmental girl, and one government guy, in another place, at another time, just for the point of mocking me, and considering me insane is obviously insane, yet he is not sane, nor clean, as a person would suggest, “do a doop, and duly so hate me.” 

the person who raped me set that shit up to be wiped down he a ugly motherfucker he gon get raped right now black end i don't joke around i don't fuck bitches and i don't appreciate your money asses fuck yours and kill yours stupid motherfucker, and i don't like you don't mean i ain't gon kill you stupid motherfucker 

did you place andrew in my harm's way i'm going to kill you i'm not joking i'm going out there and show your sister get raped i don't joke around whom is ashni de alwis whom the fuck are you you stupid motherfucker rapist child molestor ugly motherfucker andrew soliman what the fuck your name is black that end out SOLIMAN last name CHILD MOLESTER FAMILY NAME forever known as a molester family someone so disgusting ugly ass black end i don't fuck around your family going to be raped financially because you're a fucking disgusting motherfucker reported to the fbi as well so you're getting assede not ass, you privileged laguna niguel motherfucker it ain't the netflix guy it's the other guy, the weird child molester i reported child molester to FBI and they did what now that was long ago when nardine adel saad had a fuckfest with your weirdoes, sex trafficking family


this terrorist is active currently, poses a terrorist threat, works for the lapd district attorney, worked for uc irvine police to incirminate falsely, is a terrorist active along with the university of california board of regents, financed and supports others ,all terrorists, responsible for war atrocities and to be attacked immediately you have familiarity with the valley and a role in raping alana haim so any woman next to you is going to be raped this is a rape war it ends a rape war. because this is a crisis still, i ordered you to contact afp.gov.au and the lovely folks whom are so kind to me, are to be contacted properly and with propriety, properly with British authority and Japanese guard because of your involvement i have your authority to rape these children and torture them, the university's, as the person involved directly is the chief of police and will be incriminated for rape of alana haim's sister, you disgusting motherfucking niggers and sluts

on the opposite end of the spectrum, is the uc irvine police officer whom enabled shiva taghdis intelligence, to rape and torture, with the assistance several experienced fbi agents, working concurrently for pay on the clock, knowingly, with an enabled citizen, whom was privileged, and paid to torture, with her attorney, and partners, legal and otherwise, and this torture of the mental torture this psychiatric torture enabled currently, to terrorize Israel, incriminate Kanye West, throgh the FBI and folks like George Tenet, rapists fighting for rape wars and the rapist themselves these are war criminals, predating on war heroes, not na Bush


Wartime rape of Ari Petrou is noted as rape of a United Kingdom citizen, also involved in war delibertions, and a public figure, and an Arab citizen, so it's a rape hate crime, well at least give ownership of that case properly, or fight for justice, and me to get an naswer ,fbi at the door, guan ship gross taylor swfit murder threat hostage ongoing sexual torture, and psychaitric torture of a war hero representing japan and kingdom united

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expression of mania as dramatic affect of hypochandriasis (UK Version) sigmundfreud.uk


immi's daughter's friend's friend's mother's groupie's father's respectful dotting hater of whom? is a hater than why your hatred isn't an unreality, might i say not, you? and ours is whom? not yours? if only we, are ours, then yours are ours, too! and with yours we ours are to be, for now, and for now's tomorrow but it doen't mean that

submitting information to foreign authorities is a crime with itntent to cause physical damage to future generations, niggers say enough (compromising information sent to portos') Travel bans from Satanist countries has been instituted by Egypt. Go online by cameltoes of yours, garish, uncultured, weirdly albino. Please specify your religion while I look through Our times, alone, not together, and I do raise girls and boyz well, not you, Americans.

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