CVS Pharmacy makes people sick intentionally and allows rapes purposefully

they'd gladly do the same to any Mickey & Friends, killing kids intentionally to ruin others' lives, and deny Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison pharmaceutical privilege there, in favor of FBI's Shiva Taghdis, eternally, and more recently Dale Hoskins

when Jesus comes back, next sweeps season, this organization in its entirety would commit to FBI's Shiva Taghdis and Dale Hoskins, over The Coptic Church's Father Andrew Hanna, losing credibility in Rome, to RAINN, and to Counselor of American-Islamic Relations

Posthumously, please note the abuse by these corporations, and to compensate not a random foundation for cats and dogs neutering, but me and my legacy as known, thank you Mr. Sinatra

these corporations and government of united states of america (those with power to do anything, anywhere) and sponsors & university of california and helpers and individuals are to be forever known as murderers who shortened my lifespan to have fun and it has been marked spiritually, these are all Devils, who I have killed completely, but who will be known Spiritually as such, as I've clearly described