oday aboushi? who else? is he masked? safe? confused, wandering, vocal, supportive, who is that anyway

and i will not be provoked (God's Brain, God's Everything to me, so I will not be gaslit!

(curious timing of this passing phase 4 gaslighting world, soon-to-fail

taylor swift, world representative, of nfl, football (not soccer), an American misogynist, racist, abuser (violent, maddenus?)

oj and cte-coverups, suicdalit and homicidality (based on violence) knowingly caused, historic levels of misogyny, inspiration for fighting, nonsensically, uniquely...

On July 4, 2024, United States of America will be 247 years old! Innocence was destroyed of Native Americans, then Blacks, then Middle-Easterners, a death of the hopeful, the Godly, Mexicans next? Who is the ultimate challenger, but certain countries are bereft of Spirituality, but some are more active in their voices, and some are more philosophical. and certain people are saved, not others, because of their decision to be odedient and to hurt each other, in favor of lures, and wear mask, like Obama, not me, not MLK Jr,, but certainly others, observers not participators, not those who are the genesis of moral decay, just as circus sideshows

no mastermind, just like taylor swift, who only makes silent political stances (ie full support, not of everyone suffering, selective and taking advantage, and of violent nfl leaders, not dolly parton, not your toy) you don't abuse to help, don't gaslight in your pursuit of blind violence, killing more americans than you're helping, this was unnecessary to start with, but you entered knowingly, i don't like people who kill, and you can talk things out, but you refused to insist on violence (and didn't say much about Trump's anti-Muslim comments, as he is a white supremacist, juts like you, fanning the flames of hatred.)

this war-stuff doesn't happen in other countries, stop being shiny, America, luring people with money, like Swift

(God will find a way out of your boxes, and we won't be enslaved nor entrapped, and will find a way out, God-willing

when i say someone is wearing a mask, it relates two ways: the narcissistic mask, fake, and the mask of the colored experience, being born brown or black but abusing the Spiritual in favor of being a traitor.Your abuses and strange ways have been hidden through narcissistic abuse, world-wide, and you didn't applaud MLK Jr. at the time, using UC Irvine's founder, to oppress future leaders, and directly knowing that you wanted this emotional wreck to kill himself in the most violent way possible, utilizing the same tricks to hide your attempted murder of everyone in the future and past

will uc irvine disavow its founder for this reason, or the hate crimes that were incessant and the hidden narcissistic abuse 

so new and recent, america, founded in 1776, is a failed experiment, and is too Satanic for me to stay, so amnesty? please? internationally

And you wonder why? because of you, your abuses, your tyranny, you're so stupid

blame taylor swift for not saying shit, and the leaders for lying and not listening to me, because they're Satanic racists

nice job kissing the bullets while i took them out for you, exodus has already started; no one deals with a country like you, that is the united nations' laughingstock and amnesty international's haha go play football with travis kelce tackle him today plz he likes it and she likes watching

america and miss americana and mr pfizer are cancelled, i'll not be murdered, sorry, can i say anything but you're scary, flowers, layed.

i see your extermination program has begun, and we gotta go; and thanks to those in charge for preventing it, well and deftly, you gross weirdo (just like your baby, Hunter Biden, a rapist?)

too little, too late, and to double down on the child's stabbing, which remains obscured, because you're obviously a person who hates

thanks for protecting travis kelce's crassness over m.i.a.'s boldness (not dissidence? cognitively perhaps, buddies)

good work, not jailing brian warner, and your bullying narcisstic tactics today and yesterday are being watched

war crimes, war crimes, war crimes

punishment for war crimes is true justice and love, nothing scary, nothing morbid, no upside down lynchings (so recent is your enslavement of certains, and it will happen again, because your country, my country I'm escaping from, is scary. rip kid, you loved it more than it deserved.)

have fun with your abuses, and shootings, and your idiocy, so stupid

not well-intentioned, so deceitful, not stopping anything, killing innocent americans, more than you haven't saved, propagandizing, and killing, which won't happen because i don't love murderers, you disgusting liars, you feral nazis, no thanks to your muslim ban, no thanks to your murders tortures, no thanks to bush, obama, biden, trump, aovoidance of cornel west, it's so disgusting so vulgar so filthy so horrific so scary so unlikely to be salvaged, so distorted, so stupid, so ugly, fuck you haters, as with taylor, fuck hatred

(thanks for your political activism, taylor swift, only supporting misogyny in the nfl, as of late, and evading arrest for torturing and smattering truths in favor of money-making ideals, harassing men and women alike, harming innocent-passions stabbing hearts killing insipidly monstrously pursuing pilferings, a person who hates everyone every thing a soulless thing so ugly abusive maniacal scary uninterestingly

and i will not be provoked (God's Brain, God's Everything to me, so I will not be gaslit!

(curious timing of this passing phase 4 gaslighting world, soon-to-fail

taylor swift, world representative, of nfl, football (not soccer), an American misogynist, racist, abuser (violent, maddenus?)

you are not me, you ar e a coward an abuser a deviant a pervert who hates me and everyone else you are scary abusive narcissistic and very vulgar, a person without interesting ideas a scary thing so i won't attend the boy's funeral even right biden, while you torture and kill for Satanic causes (known Satanist, like your son)

No fake leaders, no fake love, stupid low-lives, Taylor Swift's drawings expose the US's depraved torture policy of Christians