Do you pledge allegiance to the United States of America, Chris Wray, Gina Haspel, Ron DeSaintis, Hunter Biden, Mary Trump?

every authortiy to rip out your teeth, nice ones eating that el pollo loco, give me my money to buy weed, cvs cbd products gross weirdos

can you tell me your name at least who are you and why are you not saying who you are before you yanked that tooth out and never contacted again the tooth not even examined and the bitch fingered or kissed my ass or whatever, these are considered rapes at times of war, so this is automatically a rape war crime, allowed before and done nothing about but propagated and ordered because they knew

as i described my teeth pain to fbi

that cia tortuer program caused

i want to spit on you

i want to tell your kids never to talk to you again

retarded orators, rapists of mouths 

you're terrorists, fbi torture terrorism file where is it produce it cia

fbi dental torturep orgram

how was he swining his feet

did he like the music

i'll rip the teeth out of everyone enabled by you, fucking hurt poor people all the time, that's why the homeless ain' gon no teeth

rapists torturers ongoing

forever pain huh

i'll break yours, for every fake injury for every mexican in the strawberry fields, it's slavery

FBI's Dental Torture Program by Pasadena Dentist and Hygeniest, and Drugs involved and Knowingly

center of FBI Dental Torture Program

i need my money back

who hired that lilit bitch back in the day telling us you love then you rape kids i'll fuck you up myself scary slut that's what you call yourself now lilit a scary fucking rapists

gang raping

and my innocent voice you fractured, like Lilit Pogosian MD did with FBI-CIA-SImialrs

like Shiva Taghdis, from UC Irvine Police Department

and still with CVS Pharmacy

and perecuting who instead


moneysign seude because of pasadena pd

your'e a fucking disgusting person a rapist psychologically someone who stole my innocent mind and tried to madden it, hard as hell with torturous questions that i mulled over for months

you're a fuckign disgusting you raped me you dirty you dirty you dirty then you raped me you smell then you kissed me kinda but i don't remember the details

you're disgusting governors all laugh along but oyu know youre fucking disgusting that you raped me to laugh too like all the time like remember that one time kinda thing

and who make a teeth chatter the chatter on the line go crazy please go crazy so i can fuck a white trash supremacist who doesnt know English like her daddy like a Laura Bush and Jenna Bush, married to and uneducated by a stupid illiterate fuck

give me teeth back, the other one fell later you fucking waste of space i'll fucking erase your whole ability to talk in court rip your attorney's license and you do have a right to remain silent, you fake abuse victims

so i'll take all your baby teeths and future teeths too, fucking ugly pasty kids blue bleeders 

the klans movement is active, so any other movement is allowed permanently

in pasadena, california right after the klans raped? is that new

you're a pussy who wants my voice

you ain't gon testify after i rape your teeth rigtht i ain't need to rape a bitch ugly as you and yours and your progeny, fuckign stupid prix

i'll show you my fast car run over a klansman of hate like you did fbi everyday run over a mexican, luke combs sayd what about afeni shakur

i'll take your fucking medical license, newsom, i'll take you away from your kids, like you did to mexicans you rapist drugged me to finger my mouth and rape my teeth, and call mexicans rapists

snatch your kids away, you the kinda niggas who pull guns out ice style then blame your rape of latinas and they ain't in jail anymore when's the release date in espanol

think i work fast food ain't gon spit in it Mexicans Aren't Slaves

give me money back, right now, sound familiar oppressive Starbucks

sound familiar, Nordstrom

sound familiar, USPS

i ain't got a tooth, i ain't got two teeth rape FUCKING RAPED with teeth games

you are flames now

you are the flame

burn a business down, we the ones who built it

all while gymnasts getting raped, i'll show you the yard look better because your bitch cleaning it

eat our dirt america, native maericans ain't the name for Indians

give you pussies

i'll see them through

here's your handout

here's your belittling ebt

here's your health care plan i'll make you kill yourself by force

and get raped in the chair

lose a tooth so i don't speak about lili pogosian md's rapes

fuck you fbi

fuck you uci

it's time

ysl still in stores, while ysl in jail for singing taylor swift's catalog on universal

leave Marilyn Manson Niggers song without even replying, racists, FBI-CIA-Similars

send designer on an overseas flight to detention site in watts huh

fake victim in court, hired huh, just hurt everyone marilyn manson's lawyers, you raped White Actress

with Johnny Depp's disney ass

free my niggas in the mental hospital, he ain't crazy Lilit Pogosian MD

He ever speak English to you while he smoked a shisha pipe with his sister

Does he speak English

listen, though, i took a bullet for a bitch, i'll take your diseased cock in the ass for you fuck an Innocent Woman, dirty ass white niggers and their carriages

what you say about mexicans in private Ivanka Trumps

you say what your dad said say it out loud say you deport a nigga just because he middle eastern fucking ugly

ron desaintis say what about niggas, he rapping their songs, like YSL raps Taylor Swift lyrics

Blackishness says many words

Brown and Brownish Lives Matter To Smart Asses