in phone hacking and eavesdropping with cameras, you open the possibility of listening to 

people without sensitivities to anything (race, age, they are not the youth of the nation, they are pedophiles, and emotional abusers, racists)

no, you haven't, you've proven yourself more unscrupulous, and yes dissin' the dead is a problem, crybaby, not like your victims (who you suck the life from, and they're forced to 

making someone sick who isn't is pedophilia, too, as is emotional abuse (and racism - taking advantage of innocence

and you are not sensitive in this area

as is the claim of emotional abuse by victimizers (johnny depp, marilyn manson, taylor swift,

as usual, the fbi only helps the abuser (who controls their perception) over 9/11 victims; fight back and don't let yourselves be victimized by pedophiles, because i'm the biggest victim (God knows that people who hate others are gross and i am not someone to insinuate racism with, because you're racist, not me (God's universe, despite your country's

excuses is a racist way to say excuses by alanis morissette? you are excused for no reason; stop asking to be excused, and you're not weird or crazy, just altogether evil

People who abuse others are really gross and sometimes employ tricks to read and manipulate and win and curry favor and abusers often persuade others to look differently to piss others off, just 

you are not a victim, if you're knowingly helping; and not helping when you can, gaslighitng, a fraud who knowingly advantages yourself to real people's struggles (real ones know that your token sympathy and empathy isn't really that, you are all wearing masks, fake helpers, bootleg coats)

do not pay off psychiatrists, who are money-oriented, to win a diagnosis or a case or make someone slavish to prove falsely "innocence," pedophile, or read private documents that you impel other to send with gaslighting abuse, leading on and on, till someone is maddened (now, with the assistance of a money-hungry, evil quack)

HAHAHA Taylor's car being seized, would be money, seriously funny

actually - it was, and she manipulated you into thinking i'm crazy with narcissism and it abuses, with fellow abusers, low and high

The Civil Police seized, on Thursday (16), cars that were part of the entourage of singer Taylor Swift in Brazil because they were circulating with the plate covered, in Rio de Janeiro.

The 14ª DP, from Leblon, in the South Zone of the city, received the information that the plates were covered with a black plastic and moved a team from the police station to the Fasano hotel, in Ipanema, where the artist is staying.

At the police station, the drivers said in testimony that they were instructed to cover the signs to be able to travel in exclusive lanes.

According to the police, the vehicles were even seized, but were returned because there was no flagrant and, at the time of the diligence, the plates were no longer covered. The agents requested images from security cameras of the site to be analyzed.


Removing, coverting up, changing or rescheduling the license plates of a vehicle are considered a very serious infraction and typified as a crime in the penal code.

According to the police, drivers may be responsible for the crime of hiding or tampering with vehicle identifying signs. The investigation is still ongoing.

Since Thursday, images showing the cars with the plates covered began to circulate on social networks.

"I feel like me and Taylor might have sex." No, never!

"When his client organized a revenge porn music video." Famous Music Video is A Replication of Historiclaly Important Artwork

He is a misogynist! - He didn't take the award for himself, he didn't snatch it, and it was for a Black, from Destiny's Child, not to mention it was at a drunken award show (not the grammy's, like others. have done, Shawn Colvin was so much nicer to Ol' Dirty Bastard)

"I got raped!" No, you didn't; you tried to hide that picture for a reason, you got sued, then you claimed he groped you, but he didn't even touch you, just so you wouldn't get embarassed (sued)

"I'm a feminist!" - You are participating in misogyny

"I'm a ally!" - You made Picture to Burn, with different lyrics, and have been wildly homophobic, and criticized for that throughout your career, and you're weird, also intiating attacks on Sam Smith and Ellen DeGeneres, like America, for coming out long before you denied you were bisexual after many years of gaslighting

"I'm anorexic!" -You are fatphobic, and they said so

"I'm Christian!" -You portray the devil, literally, and advocate for revenge, and associate with known misogynists, rapists, raqcists, etc. and Satanists Matty Healy, Jack Antonoff exclusively

"I'm Racist!" -Yep

"I taught myself the guitar." -My guitar teacher taught me, and I sued him when he told everyone

"I'm a feminist!" -I villainized real lightworkers Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and even admitted to being a misogynist on a re-recording

"I didn't know about the record deals!" Evidence of $15, that Scott knew about

"I'm good to my fans!" Just a facade, she's threatened to shoot fans, scaring the shit out them, retroactively, and proactively

"I'm bipolar, and have ebbs and flows!" Nope, not superimposed, you are a narcissist, a violent person with psychopathy
"Taylor is hot!" SHe's really tall and looks like a bird, and she reveals bit-by-bit, to seduce children financially and sexually

and so on and on and on, at some point you have to believe in others again (because I posted this elsewhere; Satanism is "atheism," because there is no such thing as bs.) this has been posted and discussed ad nauseum, and it's not even hard to find