but Kanye West smells! watch the allusions, please......................and make sure you know appearances can be deceiving............kanye had liposuction, he has body image issues. be good to him. he could've passed like his mother, so sad. be nice. he has abstained from alcohol, he is so quiet. so contradictory to the angry black man paradigm....be nice....those in the know....weren't his friends.....you don't suddenly change your mind about a friend and disregard him in totality; you work and heal.....backstabbers....overnight without thinking. be careful.

there's the incomplete argument that women are sculpted into his liking, did you talk to them? your analysts are not very nice. you are supposed to talk, and see if you're being misogynistic in not assuming they have autonomy. it, too, is such an insult to Dr. Donda West, who didn't raise him like that

some people who haven't treated him directly (observations can be helpful, but only in careful hands) and who haven't saved lives in the field and who lack the clinical expertise (learning can take place) say he's a prototypical narcissist. ?

::dead silence::

report violators of the Goldwater Rule to the associated Medical Board. It's illegal unless one has a duty to inform 

and that's how you get away with it, it's the opposite. learn about mental health before you decide to ruin it. or did you already know, and try to ruin his and whomever else is impacted

RIP Virgil. I know your dad has cancer, Kanye, and will hope he gets treatment to live a long time, and not be distracted by evil people. You have been strong and are loved.

don't cast hypomania into that sort of light either...it doesn't produce racists. that's why you've never seen that elsewhere in society. it produces tolerance when combined with dark thoughts, like when you say you're suicidal, it's an illness

remember all the small things

smell of jean paul gaultier cologne fill the air ("Kanye, baby, we're here.)

i am not trying to save the world; i hear that's bad. just doing what's right

not martyr complex, not hero, think please and stop hurting others to get a rush of power, and the man did apologize, you're supposed to forgive, not try to instigate, and focus on the criminals, and the broader issues in society. the racism in israel and the middle east alike. both are culpable

that's in addition to all the -isms that dirty our society today

adidas was founded by what kind of characters....why'd they never address that openly even now....why are they only donating a portion to hate causes....how is this money being spent....hopefully wisely, and hopefully they're keeping track, because kanye has done a lot he don't talk bout, and could've directed that money to better causes. if mental health is the issue, please let us know you're contributing to stigma reduction charities

the person who sues kanye know bout throwing her cellular iphone isn't saying the truth. she instigated. she is a paparazzi. a stalker. a harasser. 

"I Wasn't Running." Running doesn't mean that.

You even suggested he might be carrying a weapon. Because of a 51/50 hold, he cannot own such a horrible thing in CA

his presidential campaign is calculated; think carefully. he doesn't and never has hung out with these lowlives irl......no one voting for him, he ain't stupid....he was however a billionaire at the time, a rare feat for a Black man from South Side Chicago......who has a lot of artistic and creative ideas that he actualized.....that lady isn't great, who got arrested or something...she's not close to him irl either. think wisely

kanye did start a church. it became more popular, faster than any . atheism is at an all time high, and he brought people from all walks of life. he sold stuff at it, but people weren't commanded to buy it? these clothes were actually really nice. among the nicest in the game. but they were different; they had religious undertones, and had nothing to do with him? and i guess it's good to help others with money - communally, like big ideas.....what's wrong with those.....he was the best fashion designer. the most popular one. he is the most artistic person i know, or that's popular. to wait in long lines, exhausted, dehydrated, to buy unfairly priced things made in 3rd world countries with his pictures emblazoned on them. lots to think about

no one speaks about the obviously good side for some reason......while everything purported to be hurtful to others is actually helpful

Amber Rose, his ex-girlfriend, is Jewish. He's been very close to the Jewish culture his entire career, and his spirituality can be best approximated to Orthodox Judaism, I think

she has not that been good, so why do you trust everyone all the time and some people not all the time

goldwater rule, no armchair diagnoses, certainly no input from the public, he knew about this a long time ago ("Dreamkillers"), people don't have the same lived experience (everyone's different), fake, inconsequential mental health advocates (who dramatize, and who no one is really helped by, i have empathy, but only insofar as you deserve it.)

donate all the money adidas. it's not important. there are bigger social issues. you can handle it.


Kanye made him "shut up and dance," ("Ye Not Crazy") and become more spiritual than ever, not aggrandize his evil ways, like a astute promoter/publicist/companion would. Contrary, liars!