the president is incapacitated, there's no one available to talk to at the FBI

so i'm your president-de-facto, it' difficult to punish domestic terorrists, but ideologically i'm here for you, United States of America

Gavin, Trump, Swift, Bass, Irvine (CA, University)

We're working double-duty, double-decked? yikes, perverted people, to prevent international (here: "domestic") terrorisn

East Pasdena, CA • December 25, 2023

 i want to do this with the fbi, GodAddy, published in the States, immediately, let's work together, so don't get involved right now, as they have to publish it, to stop future, ordered 

FBI, take down

Credit me in the necessary press release

Merry Christmas, y'all!

The FBI will remove hate speech, associated with violence and torture, right? I'll get more numbers; let's make it a big thing

this is an emergency, so I want to be interviewed after

 1-800-CALLFBI (1-800-225-5324

Emergency Attack of Antisemitism (another of Mina's discoveries, please note me when publishing hate crime date on

we'll work on Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson's, and Taylor Swift's much l8r

so please take down

at a time of antisemitism in Los Angeles, California, and Harvard University, Ivy League "I Had a Bad Dream" Uni

take it down guys, antisemitic attacks diminished, FBI (you knew about it too, do you go to mosque? How many times?) FBI Special Agent In Charge

:) ? 

Please put a link to your removal, Anti-Defamation League immediately, and contact chief of staff there,

and the NFL

let's post why you didn't remove it, what was missing, and how to move forward, and credit me this time, for revealing more antisemitism (islamophobia doesn't exist, it's a nascent 2015 category, just deleted)'

i want to do this with the fbi, GodAddy, not you alone, so don't get involved right now, as they have to publish it, to stop future, ordered, so many antisemitic threats to report after, let's do this, youth of the nation, #freeyoungboy/britney movements

Christmas Present

Sandyhook Promise kiddos, let's do this, for me, as a gift, complete credit to tipster • Agent in Charge Mina

no threats really, so threat police, let's do this,

Mina is the tipster "Thanks for your hard for the FBI."

Expert ERACISM (neologism) CONSULTATION, smarter than everyone so all my commands ERACISM

E-mail Correspondence

(626) SUI-CIDE

let's end racism with the expert, me, not you, but I'm glad to help if you're nice

Special Agent Cody Banks

United Kingdom Eracism MI6 Cyber Overseas

FBI's Chris Wray's son is in trouble with Bank of America, so please note my position as the Head of the FBI, in replacement (overseas-terrorism domestic counter-terrorism)

also as being "hand-picked" by a former jail inmate.

You know my ideas are copyright, Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift and Tree Paine and Douglas Baldridge (Venable LLC, formerly?), so that carries a felony punishment in California, Mr. Wray, take note.

Your son isn't supposed to be working for the bank of america, mister, is he; huge Mina INC LLC discovery, Legal by Pharaoh LLC, mina wins again, sorry haimsters, mina wins fbi chief of staff, and us president

stupid want to be emotional artists, sound like art bros and sisters,

the national, supreme, it's about time; change your names (Mina takeover)

discovered that America is being killed by a dictator who has pre-Alzhemiers (started health movement, first medical doctorate honorary Dr. Mina, bestowed by leading psychiatrist, hi KKKmmkay) it's not healthy in your final term is my personal argument, mina president de facto currently, obviously

Israel's Government is Indeed Satanic At the Moment, and the United States has known to be the same, so please take down It is unhealthy and scary, but do beware of witchcraft, as occultist Taylor Swift's Swifties would attack her if she was associated with Satanism

Matty Healy (1975) : Antichrist

Jack Antonoff (Bleachers) : What Do I Do With all This Faith?

Jack Antonoff : Jesus Is Dead

Tree Paine : A&R For Marilyn Manson, "HELL NOT HALLELUJAH TOUR"