fire tree paine who worked with marilyn manson. self-contradiction. not like dmx and kanye, who make him shut up and dance

fire security who makes death threat; that is criminal. taylor does not stand for criminality

quit taylor swift for not doing anything when asked to stop cyberterrorism, and her direct role. she encouraged suicide and homicide, then, inducing health emergencies

you are not the victim. stop manipulating society, with your corrupt staff

Proof #1: Threatening to sue your first guitar teacher.

Proof #2: Threatening to sue a race philosopher with the use of a LAPD attorney. LAPD officers must remove their gang tattoos, some of them. ACLU wanted to talk to you; you ignored it.

Proof #3: Threatening to sue ETSY shopkeepers who are impoverished and who were your fan. For using one of your titles (which can belong to anyone with your name) to generate traffic to merchandise that is meant to help others