For booking and/or speech engagements, contact British Police, is a start, my name is R, and I'm protected by the United Kingdom, I am a resident of the United Kingdom.

why is there no clock and no one with stefani is fluent in multiplelanguagesandtheirnuancestoo and certain children of high-level nah nah nah hey hey hey queenreference

that was a rather steep decline MJ, switch and swap, but that wasn't, - but that was, watch out for scammer's land of Other Countries, too, as such scammers can use British Nationals as bait, in these circumstances, also denying them basic rights, but the level of risk is lower here than abroad; knowing this, knowing what I know now, I can suggest British Citizens become aware of their telephones, as gadgets, and not lifelines

that is not the fbi, it is the cia, it is the fbi's cia wing, but the west wing is fully booked for the next consecutive two days; so here let's do this is not 

proper it is in fact scary, but scared much with a question mark afterwords doesn't mean the same as scared much, that's a cry for help, so when you hear

 cries, like a homeless person's, heed them, it means they're in trouble, but a homeless person isn't a group of people, and i'm a single person doing this 

for you, so show some respect (to me.) and try to understand what I'm saying and why is this continuous, and not stopping; because no one is listening, 

because they're being lied to and abused, perhaps the same, or perhaps in a portrayed why | such | as | this, with prison bar threats, of two kinds: jail and 

hospital, and they work together sometimes, with fake and real agents, to abuse in any way possible, such as anything you can imagine, like say john lennon died and it's you, find him, or you're alive, find you, things like that

newsom, when was the last time you had a rectal exam; I'm just wondering, because you are not rectified for some reason, like ED pills clue, ED has a great design company, wanna check out her clothes, like with animals, or an animal, just the same as the situation here; if it looks like it is, it probably is (waiting for a response, not them, as those people should have immediate knowledge of their abuses, avoid the abuser, find the abuser)

this cult where they capture and see what happens and love the thrill of the chase both ways

Howdy doody is how Tim greeted his neighbor, over the fence; so tell me about geofences more, because no idea what that means, but you can look it up, buttfaces, i've looked up buttfaces and came up with a butt shaped like a face, like a cigarrette butt in the form of a face, so it's incredibly strange, perhaps impossibly - that I'm not is still a valid expression, meaning I am not, but I'm not isn't a valid way of saying I am but I am not, because both are valid

The concept of logical validity has never evaded me, but the police have, as well as the mental officials involved; as such, i'm going to ask, to plead, to know, who I am; who I am, is a song about brandy's depression and abuse experience, not her Actual Identity

so if I hate you, and you hate me, then who hates whom; at the end of the day, i've hated myself more than anyone else, including but not limited to: and i don't know what to put here that can be underscored I don't know what to put here i am a good person a bad person doesn't become good, and i've always been good, but not a goodie tooshoes, so when you have two shoes, boots, heels, then where are you today - are you at home, tidying shoes, or tying shoes, which i can't do properly - that should be explanatory, but i've not explained enough; i hate myself, but not my self, for some reason, and that's odd*

*odd is a noun, i am not a noun, a thing, a word - The Word is important, but I've never read The Bible, a book that I don't even have on my shelf; my bookshelf is full of clothes, which mean more to me than anything, including money for some reason, and i have none, for some reason - but that's the trap - i do have a lot, more than anyone, but not whom, the person who hates me isn't you, so why do you say so, why do you imply that always*

*always is active, it means it's ongoing, like celine dion and her heart going on in titanic, but the ship sank and i think everyone died, but there's some of life, right? see, i'm nott sure about book knowledge like that, and i rarely go out, so i have guesses and inferences such as; i hate myself, my family, and my dad, but i'm none of those; which are you? i am not my dad, i am my father, but not literally, so i'm fine, but not literally, as i'm not good-looking in my opinion "fine," i'm rather plain, and i don't have a plain jane rolex, which is an undecorated rolex timepiece, in

addition to that, i don't have a Patek Phillippe, and would not waste my money on that, because it is possibly i would though, be

cause i hate myself, but not showing off - because i don't show off, i show up, and will continue to like I always try to do, but not like I've always done, but I have

i make mistakes, but not all the time; i like art and drawings but i don't know how to draw, nor do i like taking blood, and could never draw blood because it creeps me out, but not like a person because certain person(s) come unannounced, the scariest - even i am scared and still scared, and still; because i'm fine, stable, but scared; that means what to you? because i don't get scared, but i used to be really scared, so this is genuinely

Ellen is Nemo's Dory, so don't adore thee? but whom is thee, and how is the possible when this is better to say, as is; don't, and do; please do, so strange is this, that Ellen isn't strangeness personfied, but a person apart from trivialities, so please don't hurt Ellen, meaning don't hurt her, and Ellen DeGeneres don't hurt, please don't be sad; as sadness can mutate into happiness, instantenously? does hatred mean moving strangely - so why, and when