in God's name, for the tainting of the bible, buying copies to alter them to make yourself a person who is moderately interesting, a false god, for 

Lachlan Murdoch Has No Problem Airing "White Nationalism" It on Prime Time

MURDERING 9/11 victims

RACISTS against NIGGERS, torture much?

i can't find a proper solution affluenza much?

perverted people, do you think they looked at kids' phones too? that's what messes the world up, these perverts, or saw "revenge" porn

definitely guilty automatically, shut leader of that corporation down, crazy - isn't derogatrily said  but appropriately, as he is abusive to innocence (did he find porn? at the helm without strangeness 

rupert's deli got more play than you your son ever will, ugly weirdo-recognized

nice, fair media we got because of Rupert Myyrhdoch, not from Family's Comedy Central, but he is comedy central; the guy fucked up the world, and that's why all the media is fake (buy The Quran instead, weirdo, and Ronan Farrow, why do you remember that name

why are you working with the worst person in the world, you aren't to be subjugated and I've been player-hated, so I done discriminated 4s for something sacred, the Hood, & G