The resource line for suicide prevention is staffed by untrained professionals, increasing the suicide rate expoentially, over the years, it could be very well have been the 7-digit 1800SUICIDE but instead it was a compliacted 1800273825? anyone remember the last number when you're melancholic or clinically depressed, i think it's only "the sad" and "blue" who advantage themselves here. It only changed after I clamored for it to be simpler, when realizing the Logic track was almost laughably titled, and potentially dangerous in itself, though well-intentioned, certainly.

I changed the mental health system in subtle, not-so-obvious ways, and that's why I've helped campaign online to stop online hate, with a known anti-hate group, those representing Sandy Hook, and with a special interest in the role "music" plays in the lives of potentially violent individuals, in schools and in workplaces

Because of my personal experience and knowledge in the field of mental health, I have advocated for the immediate use of the Goldwater Rule in assessing President Joe Biden, and his doctor, as well, as this doctor has confirmed him to have a Global Functioning Score well above what it should be, and this is a sign of a bad doctor.

The Goldwater Rule is currently being abused by leading mental health professionals online, and in the media, especially in its lambasting of Kanye West, as evinced in the government's enabling of Dr. Todd Grande, who you could say has broken that rule without ever getting into any semblance of trouble, unlike Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, a Muslim psychiatrist, known to Dr. Kay Jamison personally, as he co-authored the classic textbook on bipolar disorder many years ago.