I am not a disgruntled employee nor a laid off attorney nor someone concocting a fiction story nor someone with sneaky intentions. It’s important to think about life in its totality. Everyone is different and unique. I am not trying to make someone else look good by making someone else look? This is not an attempt to make friends; no new friends. Every argument is original. Nothing is lifted from other sources. 

Religion doesn’t make someone good; it should be the cornerstone of one’s life, and thought about always. Sometimes someone or something makes you feel good or changes your life, but you must think of the long-term, and whether those changes are actually beneficial. A person need be examined in their totality, and people have sides to them; in reality, make sure your heads are clear.

A person should be examined individually, apart from their external perception. Scientifically, we do the best with the scientific method; there is an obligation to help others, most especially the vulnerable population.

This isn’t wordy. This is the simplest writing. Think for yourself. Don’t be manipulated. Before you blindly critique, make sure you’ve been fair-minded and not stubborn.

Are you thinking for yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to fully perceive?

Sometimes the world’s opinion isn’t always correct about others. This is true. Sometimes everyone can be wrong about an opinion. It takes learning and time to understand each other and particular thoughts. Remember there have been a number of societal leaders who weren’t good people. They are found out later. Because they’re good at what they do, they get away with it, and can do so on a large scale. People at the top are also not always good. Remember how many politicians have corruption scandals, and how some seemingly kind celebrities turned out ugly and bad. Lots.

If someone harms an Etsy shopkeeper, it is likely she hates Etsy: a home for young creatives of all genders and particularly developing teenage girls.

Misogyny is when someone hates a gender for no reason, not when someone helps a gender by strengthening its heart. Donda West taught classes on feminism at Chicago State University.

Not all people of one identification (culture, race, gender) are like-minded; this is a misjudgment, and how people get killed.

Are you helping yourself grow or another person with your adulation?

Put God first. Do seek those who bring you closest to God, for that’s life’s meaning. If someone harms your spirituality, you must leave them, and only return when they have changed.

Take people seriously, and don’t strain yourself to find flaws or attack people. Arguments of philosophy are primary, then.

If something makes you think you feel good, you have to decide whether the feeling is real, or just something that makes you emotionally vulnerable (to narcissistic attack.) Like Justin Bieber sings, “am I in love or is it the feeling?” Be strong and independently assess what’s going on in your heads.

Do spend your time improving lives, not destroying them by quietly controlling them.

Money is nothing. It doesn’t make your brain healthy. You keep running to and fro for the next check, not realizing you’re trying to make your brain healthy the wrong way.

(Excuse me, but (rare) profanity is used in God’s language, thus making it permissible and a valuable tool to kill the Devil.)

If someone offers you a dream, then don’t indulge in a nightmare.

Fun tricks and sneakiness are not the objective ever; if someone doesn’t understand intentionality, then what’s the point?

Role-switching is an important philosophical tool, and I use it of course to understand differences in peoples perception of the same individual. 

We don’t work in the shadows; we are so direct and honest.

We encourage diverse thinking.

Independence and hope

There are no magic tricks with us, no sorcery, and see yourself out if you want us to trick you.

Do not use tricks to harm God.

God protects us from your evil, and we’re obligated to do our job as well to fight evil. 

Someone made you laugh and cry. 

Another made you a racist.

Kanye West is not a racist.

Kanye West has no racist songs.

Get this.

All of his songs cure racism.

Here are some of the top songs.

All Falls Down

Heard Em' Say

Crack Music

New Slaves

Never Abandon Your Family

There are lots of songs about death. Unlike his hater, Kanye West doesn't sing about life only.

Because death is a part of life. If you die, then you might have an afterlife, some think, but fewer people think so than ever. 

These individuals are not intelligent.

They are manic. 

They think they are smarter than all the historical figures who thought exclusively about the afterlife.

Some people are very violent; others are very peaceful. Killing is a violent word.

I do not know who you are Taylor Swift. But you are the most powerful person in the world, maybe in history, more than any politician or spiritual sort of person (because they aren't as popular - social media age). It is important to think clearly. How was this power attained? Who are you? What is life? Who are we? 

American Civil Liberties Union protected one blogger from her attack.


I applaud free speech, as defined by the largest protector of it.