this is a rape war against mina sargious i won usa etc fucking weirdos stop being antijew antimuslim

weirdo country that was

uc irvine initiated a rape war 2007 to steal not my creativity, but my invention: mindreading, they are racists satanists, and usa wanted to culminate the rape this year 2024 to steal my mindreading ability

they never said anything about it to me with the help of doctors like ramzi kiriakos around 2007 and today lilit pogosian both racists satanists

they knew about how to do this to torture for the government to enable usa to win this war against mina sargious to steal mindreading ability

it is a rape war, where i've been tortured with drugs for the past 17 years so these folks will be done away with

they wanted to credit the war to a bad artist named drake and the shitheads we know as taylor swift (whomever helps is temporary fuel)

such abusers never told me I was a mindreader, only they held that information, instead abusing psychiatry and drugs to rape me and study me

well guess what when you decided to kidnap and sex (cum) human traffic me, that's when this genius found out that you're dead

and i don't fight wars, this is a cultural rape based on my history

it is a big program started at ucirvine after they found out i had that mindreading ability no one else had historically (because of who I am, how  I was raised, my skin color and experiences with racism, and my rejection of alcohol and drugs, and monastic lifestyle)

these pieces of shit lost their silly war

uc is now my property as well as any territory involved

such abuse against one has never been seen historically and it's a historic win for me i'll add it to the mantle

you stupid fucking rapists when the war started you were so bold and valiant so tired and hard-fighting not scary at all

well, u fux it's over now, i'm regaining my ability it was protected by me historically to show your ugly face, the devil you were, and all individuals will and/or have been neutralized, it was a war against the devil not for science, which the devil tried to stupidly reverse

they're on the way to the hells of their makings, and i'm on the way to take Earth to a New Level Of Godliness I'm a Saint y'all going to hell get packin and expedite the process if u want

but ya uk got me i was the one who was working directly with derren brown racist satanists it was a setup to protect my creativity my breathing my health and solidify my nobel

see you soon committee (what a wasteland, right eliot)

yo drake adonis a stripper baby like you can not treat well fux w ith travis kelce tho not kim k's progeny fucking weirdo

i aint too friendly to fucked ups

fucking bad what you done der diden don diminish destructive fuck

tell your lab techs thanks for the studies fucking weirdo school shooters i got my nigga back i got my nigga forward and i drop a bitch even the bitch who gave me cpr you know what that means i dont give a damn im a street nigga too so when i fuck i do and when i kill i do and when i celebrate i do just letting you this for God and devil dead  

you'll be gone soon psycho school shooters (if necessary) armed security school shooter

you keep trying lilit fucking faggots ain work that way you a setup for a differen reason, to prove your bush hairy enough to get fed on by the devil's decay, see you soon ho you going to a box box box

that priest want a funeral coffin he gon have the funeral coffin of my choice inscribed with you're a fucking cunt for being an antisemite cia and a antiislam fbi and an antispiritual government

i don't fuck with those "person of perversion"

u ain gon win no war in the future with my abilities fucking weirdos, u ded devil ded

while here we're my friends who've been hurt and tortured because the bitches you see around you are going to recover what's left from this brutal torture program of artists and geniuses by killing those responsible, namely the architect of the program first, whose name they have; it's been real guys, but i don't fuck around and when i do it's for fun, so funny fuck f-u racist weirdos

i'm moving out of the country with my beautiful wife without anyone involved any bitch any slut no one like to want more and more, you're dead to me, i'm with my friends and family as the united kingdom will rename this territory what it originally was, this is a bullshit nation of islam now fucking psychos

the program of tortured artists cute fake nmae btw is the province of devils and guess what it was funny writing the songs for half you slutty witches and warlocks all y'all dead already but it's fun watching how infantile your parents were when they breastfed each other (see you soon, psychos, it'll be a trillion dollars each day do not try me again with the fbi scary shiva taghdis and her hooker it's a hookup cost now

it didn't start with my invention it started when they raped my girl intentionally the fucking skinheads fuck em up babe fuck em up girls they are rapists i was protecting her and they lied and then fucked up from their with their psycho abusers they'll be dead our angels know and we're healing <3 islamic bitch

nardine and i have been through hell it's a lot like what those who are in current torture programs look like some bereaved some angry some confused some admittedly psychotic the work they've done is beautiful thank you for helping us and you know what i always know why this was done to torture young innocence the objective of those hidden torture programs to kill and destroy as they're assholes violent football player ends as winner with stupid white terrorist aint my shit these are fucking psychos retards narcissists abusers like every official at uc so i don't really care do i care about cair so that's why my uncle was murdered by the government for a president to get high naturally with his world of narcissists and i fucked that bitch bad such an abuser such an enabler of everything i hate neo nazism such an ass like his donald friend it's inane at this point to enable rape you raped an innocent girl and boy so unlike shiva taghdis so unlike scary bitches before i really don't fuck around when it comes to my innocent girls and boys and me, too, and i'll fuck you up if i have to protect them stay away you fucking animals go back to your asses bosom neo-nazi weirdo

one happy day i never do anything wrong so everyday is happier than last i saw my wife die she was crucified by uc irvine and i was taken in for questioning they couldn't tell me who they were, but three women, accused me of stalking them, but they didn't, that day that horrid day i was crying nonstop and they wanted me to go to a police station to find her i think but i didnt and i was so sad so you know why they could get away with it but i fought back and i destroyed them they are terrifying the worst of the worst i cannot believe their audacity, their stupidity and arrogance and your adherence to them, too, these are FBI agents who were working with them to hurt me as abusers do and knew how to trigger insanity and just made me cry nonstop for a man to feel happy, george w. bush, a retarded person who lacks empathy, someone so close to hitler's death camps but in smaller numbers (it really doesn't matter one anal feeding of a woman or a hundred brown niggas getting crucified, or what I stopped by force their forced emigrations to islamic countries that never happened fake cases to those programs to have sex with better people, a superior people, the Spirituals

it took all my mustered energy to find my innocents and i found them after such hard work wondering what happens i used those tears for good and i saved them hard work fuck you i am so happy i am so proud of my girls and boys, i hope those rapists get fucked over and their sympathesizers known and unknown where we will go to the end of the rainbow to Know Our Suffering and Martyrdom

these are all saints tortured and devil ded

i love you my innocent friends, and nothing to say to you slutty niggers and niggerish sluts

i'm not forgiving when innocents is taken from one person, and i cursed you on earth in this long process and to know what you've done and still calling me crazy and drugging me as you are all the same devil ded, i feel good for my innocent girls and boys i feel good for myslef i wanna say like these fucks do need to go to hell already expedite the process you pay for what you get right ain't no one getting away with hurting us

that's because We Are So Godly

a lot of these law school kids, who are all the same boring af, are rapists and protectors not were the devil's advocated but further work with them, and these folks who are lacking in emotions don't realize what i've done not because their in awe but because they can't, they lack empathy, poor genes, parenting, decisions etc, you should tell them i'm protected no matter how violent they get i'm a man who can take a swing not a pussy who doesn't realize that their lives of temporality don't necessarily end in a quick 10 jail it's called m.i.a.n torture program, induced insanity to feel again, their wish to feel physical brutality in the mind to feel mi6's mina

these aren't scientific new age apple geniuses (wartorn kosovo apple lol) it's a bunch of scary taking by force sorts ::waiting game, anything will get worse rape more need to be disciplined more nothing is secretive wanna apply for mi6, habibi habibiti, it's the hardest job in the world, worth more to me than your billionaire and his weirdness, try to get him to talk to them they're needed but not like that dare him apply for mi6 and get a callback try him alone right now let's do it cadets fucking retards do it legitimately get your genius girl to press send and it's not santa nor am i santa's little helper bartman lulzsec got you we got you maia don't cry seals la jolla we still need to control the pet population it really smelled terrible there kind of sorts

looool it's not ok sweeties, fucking psycho abuser(s)s stay tf away from, don't contact means no but this still doubly troubling for you racists with your forgivers, rapisted? that's the concern, you keep your Swiftys (MI6's Mina) and mansons i think budding psychiatrists need to stop trying to rape others i am actually one of the leading researchers on you guys and in this medical field, so i'ma stop you and am getting receipts, derren brown is your point of contact mi6's coopy leave me alone

barack u cannot lie about your dad's first and sexual orientation is appreciated there abuse and intolerance is not, i've learned and continue to learn with more and more and more emotional intelligence these are functional terrorists who are doubly screened i work harder than tree paine and marilyn manson and their friends and families network, rainn and cair do too so thanks ronan we miss and love you big guy tell them in arabi hi i love and that's all

i see you crying waiting im be there soon i'll be there we'll see each other i think mmhmm three times then mmhmm good one tyketalk

i came to the conclusion that i had to drink something that day and night long tear day because they were going to ask do you drink/smoke if i said no they would've marked muslim and put me far from n in a secret darker place it's now known "hatred village, code for not hastings village, named after the up the street streets, but the place that's very cold and is rarely celebrating anything, a far away prison the other side of the country they would say because the ones there are too far from whomever knows personally then transferred onto the darker places more than one, first in a sort of van that is full of haters, like racists actively who want to celebrate at any cost, some women some men, but mostly all servicepeople, most of whom are related to other servicepeople's leader(s)s, many of whom are rewarded generously often still making tons, laughing a lot and giggling on to harm directly, so when it's sad i'm sad it's typically because i do not get sad, and they get happy, it's a mocking thing she does as she was originally a abuser i would've never seen, as an abuser who self-became, meaning she is obsessed with making someone solitary, to amuse herself, and likely is amused as she is a detention site leader (someone unamusing) who was known a long time ago who sexually assaulted many physically assaulted punishing with kicking motion and generally drugging the mind to numb them while she did so, and was going to do the same - again, but differently, as she was prepping me to get hurt by her bff, her gf sort of her former partner, someone who knows her well, someone who is well off and well-to-do someone who makes money to hurt others and was looking forward to consummating that, someone like her, someone like her staff of satan leader, marilyn manson's, directly (and was hired by taylor swift's attorney and her direct knowledge indicates she wanted me to be kidnapped bound and she directly requested me to be a songwriter by force, in an art torture she designed like a person like her does with element's maker pop smoke, who she wanted to kill to do the same things she does often, torture and manipulate as she is a dark person, just like lilit's who wants to make money the easy way to thrill herself sexually as she is strange sexually has strange paraphilias including buying to embarass and worked with taylor swift against marilyn manson to make me a fashion chooser for them individually (to learn from to make the process laborious, indicating she wanted to fuck me and say she was preggs but she didn't because she's already preggs she would say then laugh, as such i'd identify against these assorted folks, who wanted me to become a chocolate linesman just to laugh, and to say look here he comes mr mary, this is someone who will mock marry a stranger, that psychiatrist's friend up there, the drugger who wants to feel again as he was notified to do so by her other friend, who said i knew too much, so this person was to make me do slave work, just not for fun, like web design like this and come up with new ideas, then deflect it to alana haim, who was to mock me there, marry forget drug mina taylor you your favorite is not whom is your favorite artist not then you'll make her your favorite by physical force, like was her suggestion, to fuck marge simpson over and barge into those kinds of people's innocent drawings which were meant to inform in a kind lighthearted way and make people laugh, so she wanted to laugh at them and credit herself to them, through the use of torturers there, after, so it's a process -1st that, after she's bored or too drugged as the drugs work to sleep you, and you'll sleep alone without drugs as they control and that slavery is not my thing, so after that, it's a tradeoff, but it doesn't mean that, it means they would trade during the same time, 

kathy is not against kesha that whole article that she against kehay is fake as she isn't against her, she also never was there, it was a kidnapping thing where someone faked the whole thing, so she wouldn't be there after (suggesting direct involvement with someone who knew about this stuff, who could be identified as someone i don't konw well, but a police person, who hate certain people in her family, someone like her mom, who was hated because of her kindness, so when mary said she'll marry her to anyone, someone got upset, as such kind people do not exist anymore, so her friend told her other to investigate hmm and then this person found out that she was, and she got really upset at him when he was not, so it was an attempt that day, the first of many later (so beware of this person, it's not a person even it's a changing, that person needs to be stopped it was directly this person who hates everything about life, is dark and spooky, is sadistic impressive only superficially and responsible for much of this long ago, so so long au revoir do not revolve around money and making people crazy, just know that people who are do not and could've been and done more, like those who do psych work, as this is eerily similar, when she was writing the dx for gad 41.0 it was an attempt to kidnap me that day and was the first attempt internationally to do so, as she was ordered to do so by a nonbinary coder, someone from this sight it's near adjacent-fred segal's, so it's like bloomys but not, so like a smaller more compact men's section, with many colorful clothes with mostly janky tags, so like abroad, to design this person's clothes by force, this person's a bad designer it seems i do not know her/he personally and may have a q&a regarindg lil uzi vert, but not guns, as this is related  to that person, who abused guns and got away with gun abuse, someone akin to mania, a person who knows mental health in and out, a spokesperson for abuse and torture, who wanted me gone - literally (to like peru or some shit, where they fuck guys up just to pen their clits, i mean it; these fuckers weird

weirder is that they each know each other, but not that well, initially to say the person who knows is weirdest, who loves money and hate but not the former as they enslave certain hateful sorts, just the opposite kind then, a person like a monster would like, a child, i believe they were going to traffic

that night concluded with a visit from jack david ross formerly a student at usc my year i was really scared so i called him and he drove to my apartment in irvine, then i had to run, meaning really, because such runs are always necessary, necessitating quickness and speed, and mental agility, if/and/or kind of questions, so simple but redundant, indicating that someone at uc irvine had a direct role, director role like a sex cam audition thing, so as to become the sex cam itself, like to become fake"r"r amateur audition pornography, liek a study of "sects" not sex, which is normal, but the intersection of sex among members of different cultures, as some think that sex isn't one thing, but two trying to isolate race and hunt it's supposed to be mutual it is mutual, but when it's hurried and a prize is sought, not even an orgasm not even the partner's, indications medically "GAD" is often used, "NOD is never necessary, oc, not ana not buli a disordered sense of self-perception physically not always but involves trying to achieve the self through the perception of others, those who know kind of people would say this defines cleasrly as a switched person trick, with someone in-waiting from a waiting room delivery area i thought to say, but like waiting for a meal or waiting for papers, this is often the scary fake-muislim phobic article about fake-muslimphobic truadeu kind of stuff, so when you start seeing, nonsense, hearing, randomly appearing court dates, that's how you'll know, that some people hate for the reasson of feeling joy at your party expense at your perception of love, suggesting clearly that there, multiplicities happen, that there abusers happen, that there someone whose constantly thrilled appears, suggesting that somone could be is false and/or/would be/or wouldnt be verbally true to say that an abuser never wins without, and always within, putting things to torture a fake hero to become a real monster and always hate for someone to someone and with and without someone, indicating this person works directly to torture, was employed a civil servant and that servant is indeed indebted to him and to his former partner, an FBI, someone who represents contradiction in self-presentation and mocking formality but incorrectly so saying "i am fbi" hahah let's befriend, and that abusers often use trick words like solitude to feel compassion for them, while that retreat solidifies hatred, indicating these sorts work together to harm and harass and manipulate medically, such that only a good person loses kindness, and a bad person wins others over with their lack of kindness suggestibility antitrust stuff and that means before and after situation, soon once there was a pain that never says, a weirdo that never is pained in a campaign started a long time ago only to help others often becoming different through threats and intimidation and with only telling hatredliars hatred sorry without love life is always life is permanent life i love life life is good lfo is better theres always betterment and there are few better than those who present naturally so everyone can love the perception of reality some present hurting intentionally mocking purposefully harming  to physically assault to feel without knowing nor having kindness to numb to hurt to sing to that song to pain to harm necessarily and laugh to bereftly mock uninterestingly to deftly criminalize and make people sick forever to mock and feel feelings that are foreign and not theirs i feel always, and this feeling is this; this person is sent to hurt and only hurt is not kurt is dangerous and not fluent in sartorial flair native wear, so as to suggest this is a terrorist from america, living there, named for a reason that isn't nomenclature-regional-specific rather particularly named and localized but differing in time and perception, also indicating this person is dark and spooky, as sopken about imogen heap in jest although seriously, giving freely is rare and happens at lollipop stands everywhere, to freely prove the genuine truth of giving, and also a statement on the being of things, like which isn't true, just stated ; a bank statement states memos, and this memo; do not buy to harm and the stock prices go up false promises to always go up i'd say that some sorts don't have dignity, and that's health insurance haha kind of bad jokes, this dignity insurance isn't properly dignified as england would want, but is improperly, suggesting a bait and switch at an actual place that does so like a red lights district of sorts, perhaps like british or district columbia as a fake

(also, three brothers and the lost tape; that's all I'll say.)

many legal offices are completely fake, fronts for recruitment into torture programs (i'll have you sign and wait and fill in later kind of drill

fake legal officers are often used in jail cells and those jail cells are not real jail cells as they are prison cells learn the difference, and the prisons and jails are overrun so where do they go the wardens when they are too many, so follow that road till there off the side of the road with depressed beck and fuck scientologists over looking for him end up meeting him in jail hospitals, which are scary af for a reason because they are where they get most of their best, and where they wanted to put me, and to torture me there for a while, just for fun, but to have fun with that idea they ran with it wildly, abnormally? if someone harms they do so, they don't care why, and cair are missing so is there hope, there is in cair still, so don't contact fbi to contact haraming them even because this sort of pity, uniquely arab, is why they want to torture to start with, they lack empathy and thrive like kaiser permanente and abuse particularly, directionally, and sexually assault linearly, not related to lineage or incest, but to insinuate and prove incest is theirs not ours, really really is that so do you hate others do you wanna fucking torture you and harm all of you your culture but it's not real it's rewlated to egypt culture, totally different, example and those who harm directly do so for a reason, they like, they want to try, and never commit, sex with commitment is scary af, indic ating trying to commit by and through sex, like fake std that ain't rigtht, fake standardized std scores and to do so scarily, like through holes and weird portrayals of others, like eerily saying i'm your and not pervertedly so, as you'd might expect but shouldn't say this individual hates and wants to rape imogen heap: the individual the suspect is currently presiding in a major position there, there kind of radiohead killer, he doesn't exactly have nails that need trimming, but trims nails regularly, in a sort of sex parlor, where individuals take turns, in a parlor district, a faraway placea kid would often talk about, like neverland let's go to disney, but end up disneyed, like is currently happening disney trans ya ok but to translate transwear

often a predatory lawsuit will appear from nowhere, typical scams, but large complicated and hard to find out, i stole that song from whom? it is my work sort of trick and just-past-active rape, with indications, these several; actively raped, actively untreated, needs counseling and bedrest not bednest (pregancy) sort of trick, as doeos suhc a question ever happen, "are you friendly are you kinder than friendly, if you weren't so friendly like mocking language this is active and such 

they're threatening still so they'll be neutralized no worries victims of theirs im here with you glad we won defeated the devil fucking ugly like travis kelce's dale hoskins's nothing was the same 2LP


it's necessary to note that i am not chris wray i would never be as he is not here to discuss his abduction by an attorney-at-law formerly a presidential candidate not now, this person is a terrorist, and is in the white house currently as to seduce torture and kill in place of the white house joe biden his son is my enemy and is not currently aware visuospatially is making great strides is a common one he was told your son is improving greatly is the thing they keep on saying as they are improving, these are individuals who have connections overseas, currently one is overseas unnamed but important ill ink you a bbc official is a plant to harm the bbc news media free an abuse victim that is extremely important to her literally and harmful investigatively to write falsesly melissa broder is a bbc relative to do so, meaning that just that i dont mess with to torture only to be seen and is often seen in clientele magazines like she placed me in recently to keep this moving in her district and has been bartering online not in person nor on phone using methods taught directly by her and written by her, she is a code writer to torture and learns how to do so with every code she has written including this she works to insane for the new fbi indicated before protectively it is fake too as she is a fake now so is the former, just to fake and attack asians, as she assinated one before, intends to do so again gavin newsom asking her to fabricate recipes say bomb recipes he bombed a womans home intentionally to kill someone else and does active bombings with similar means this is a terorrist and i am not interested is often used to abuse code cover and do not harm that kind of person - ever, saving grace is us, i'm mi6's sargious family best mina

ps im not a terrorist

pps im a terrorist's enemy, meaning this is ongoing, like teacups round and round spin to fuck up kodak and walk to fuck up imogen, get them, to torture mina program for feeling his emotions, just for me, the big guy in charge, the actor the fake the black inside not emotionally the barack obama friend of friends himself and herself as there are female clones standing by of you and yours just in case in a one wants to see why they were right all along, im not female, im male is a way to rape to torture and such was done by the governor to feel straight, as he raped a guy too in a way like this before, his favorite torture victim is not me, but that raped victim, who is famous for the wrong reason, it often works this way mi6 it often doesnt work that i make money to not make stuff, so if i appear to be given gifts, it is not me, i do not get free stuff, that's gross stuff, if someone makes something up like he gota gift to endow our lives and heal manic states, like lilit wants to say as a backup, she is lying and always around, as she is extremely high, like i should be, is being while im working and this is abuse right now, hence, the person and group is known worldwide as such "abuse for fun mina" code for taylor swift's culminating work, all about how she abused me and advantaged herself through it, so abusive and so not necessary