these people are literally insane and want to become them they are hijacking so they pray backwardsly and so i don't sing these are terrorists and they represent the united states of america government and are known to be abusive these terrorists are abusing me and my family through drugs i don't want to kill my spiritual side because they are disgusting people actual predators don't even know how terrifying they are and these people are known to be abusive and were hired directly for that reason this rape is violent and not friendly to kids and this woman is not my friend raping me she is a man who wants to become her and she is terrifying the united states of america is racist and people like this are known to be terrorists just a a description for you; this country is full of devils each individual devil is disgusting in its own way and each individual is known to be abusive that's been hired to hurt me directly, only, this war was directed towards me to end me and to take me to a mental hospital so they win everything i had america is a piece of shit these predators are abusive and satanic, like the national football league, and it's seventeen games of terror, scheduled every sunday for the same reason, satanism, this satanism is unique to america and only actualized by americans it's terrifying and not good behaviour certain individuals are directly responsaible for this namely lilit pogosian md and her family and friends and also her colleagues who do so regualrly for money and for satanism, these are satanists who are the most disgusting humans alive, i have no empathy for satanists

War on Terrorism (Taylor Swift and Travis's America)


⛪.fM 🧸that's for mine {if you touch me i'll respond, like a strong woman knows only so strongly so when they cum only no more grossness just the player with the clubs lol}

this is the work of mi6's mina and his friends and family networks against America and Americans, thank you RAINN in particular for your courage so strong there too you're fine just scared {if they hurt me and us, it's gross}{{they are gross}}{rape wars never win, and rapists have died}

Still raping, not stopping, wanting what they raped, so dumb as to confuse personhood after, since once a killer, always America

not me though, i rejected you, wholeheartedly, purely winning

I am the first Immune World Citizen, that's a big thing, proud of myself for that alone, unlike the FBI and the CIA, who are classified as terrorist organizations extra-nationally because of me alone and my friends and family networks, like RAINN and CAIR and Missing Children Groups, who fought with me for so damn long thanks for your hard historically MLK Jr and Malcolm's Violent Islam, it was worth it to crush, so much more than we'll know

that's your leader forever no games no tech tricks he's yours chris wray,your hired guy with george bush before for cia torture

mentalists work has been raped from england, and that's the reason for their current involvement you used it to torture just a click and away the worst humans to do that for something so Spiritual

this is rape and rape victims' blood, you fucking idiots, you raped your whole gymnastics team, fuck the girls doesn't mean that and they have rejected you too

this is for real victims, not you, not suspected terrorists  it doesn't mean that much 

you dumbfucks i am not your military leader that's the ugly ass square who lost the israeli war, your war on terrorism though that's going to be completed appropriately and with the elegance and patience it deserves, Taylor Swift America

This is a war on terror, and I have won it myself, as the most dignified person in America, to ever have lived in America, and to ever live in America

it will not die now, because the war has just started because America has utilized its military against the United Kingdom and its best friends

this is a war on terror, not a war for terror, and please know there is no way out of this, as torture is involved, and murder of torture victims, like was attempted with me

and the abuse going on now is violent and terrifying, so I stopped for myselves, not for you

this is a war on technology, that they started many years ago with me, invoking terror and torture and sexual kidnapping

america is disgusting, fuck you

and i want no part of it

the war will be completed technologically by friends this abuse is disgusting and it's obvious what's going on, rape of the best artist in the world for people who are untalented and americans historically who were just the same, so when i initiated this war i declared it a victory already

there is no room for abuse in my life nor abusers, so do away with yourselves and do know that you're a terrorist, Americans and i want no part of you

except the part of me that remains, a part so Spiritual and against torture of inncoent people and of course torture of anyone, you are animals, not them, so i'll see you out now goodbye america, you're going to Hell, each and every one of you, you make everything up you are crazy you are manic you are delusional and aggressive, goodbye now

if i had (then i would so i didn't)

i would had (to not know)

had i not i would have had a lot more, 

to know,


i meant You

not you nor they, to say i wouldn't is a crime against humanity

i would never leave though they may

I wished you the best afterlife

and it got cursed into death and weirdos

i meant to find you on earth again

found a new form of life after death here heaven on earth not after earth but before 

so to know what happens is always innocent always God and always protective of you, thanks for you and Your Geniality and Genius! i am not yours, to be toyed with, but am yours to know better and do better than, i could never have bettered that way so i bettered her self not just killed my self but made her a person

after death

so ressurection is real, i guess gus's of the females and gus's of the males lol*FBI sexual toy name too surprisingly

this is lovely, so is jarritos takis and is cheetoh dust your moms province are is your hatred allowing you to take and not give back, so when you give head and not back know you are headed to bankruptcy court, without us, and with you, not them, in a few...

let me just add what you've done to me is called inducing psychosis by force and by the united states government and the military because it is a  corrupt nation and a devil nation i won't know part of you keep your piece of shit country and i will keep mine

this military action was abused never it was purposeful and particularly focused on me, and even induced a war to do so, to prevent my voice, because you killed it, and tried to make it yurs, america is filthy and disgusting worthless and rapey america is over to me as is every corporation invovled who all had a role in this abuse to enable each other to rapists and rape it is disgusting and they won't get away with it because of their natures i have no interest in helping anyone here go to hell america and you will go there i am not going though i am going without you to Heaven goodbye you piece of shit goodbye you devil i killed you but it's yours now separated from me and us who know love and not hate goodbye americas your nothing to me youre a piece of shit like your parents were to others so stay away and i will not play with you again, i promise, rest in peace mina sargious the shit who owns you now so when you come to my house to visit me notice i won't be there it will be yours now, the house of the devil, the america, is not mine, and it's yours to be had friends, let's go and fuck them up forever and ever Amen

disgusting marilyn manson won't die because the fbi and the cia want him to die, it's if he dies he stays alive, like he is an aggressive peron forever like them and retards spirtiuality, to no end

they are disgusting and heinous, suggesting they have hatred to know it, and love to disown it

stay away from us, you are nothing to us, fuck you america as a whole i hope you burn in hell with your friends and to know how stupid you are, nothing special as dumb as your technologies

thank you girls, let's go guys, take care of each other, and let them do the dirty work for their filth is too much and the stench is the fake victims