morning camp. this ain't an extermination? i will not be exterminated, Exterminator, no you won't be back, you ain't god, how dare you fuck california up to vote for the Exterminator, pest turns on farmers all the time, time instead of at the farm Taylor Swift left you to enslave u 2

she took all your money and crops blamed your workers, sound familiar, she abused her country roots to kill other roots, and to kil the root of the movement against 

we got one agenda today, besides making you feel pain, the right way, i won't hurt you, but you will hurt your pocketbook by voting for Dr. Cornel West, on your instagram, as soon as your done, because some people get in trouble on music streaming services and you never do, bitch, stop being such a bitch, jack antonoff, remember two things: God and Self-Respect next, don't try to play, This chapter over