"If the Black players don't like it here, they should go back to Africa and see how bad it is." -"Allegations" (NFL CEO) recording(s), so this is the NFL CEO saying that Buffalo 

Bill isn't racist. 

Follow me all you want, online, anywhere, as Leaders Tell (Real Victim)

The government operates a secret black site network within the United States of America, to appease wicked superstar and footballer, illegally, as they are terrorist(s), like the upper(s), who record illegally, and share with terrorist group(s) leader(s), as Jeffrey Dahmers

affecting whom else, trying to make yourself an attorney-at-law to appease whom, by what means necessary

NFL sues M.I.A.

uneducated bitch high schooled dropout, why'd travis kelce "Get suspended for mary jane" because? bitch, equally impotent Creatively

*scared person, and partnered, and who is the "stalker" got a name yet, if i found it would you post it

*home-schooled, misogynist, so did she drop out of which university, not Chicago State, didn't mock Dr. Donda West, Donna Kelce rather?

who would you rather

trying to tear my parternships for what reason and through future tortures of women and men, all because you're gay bashers like many former Presidents and Donald Trump, but I set Precedence and so does the gay person who just honeytrapped you, Mr. Sinatra, only contact if you will can, scared like Donald Trump and team of "Death Threat(s)" never Acted upon, unlike them, the Terrorist(s)