i have to report abuse the hurt the pain can't be seen so i'll paint my face up and a false victim narrative will emerge again, but you ain't gotta be crazy and abusive, the lying source, and i don't wear more makeup than Johnny Depp (fake make-up sponsor) it is real and the bruises were there and you got had? nope, you are not emotionally abused girls n' boys, you the abusers

remember the creativity you see is abnormal; it isn't real. to be real, you need emotionality, which taylor alison swift and pete davidson and fellow stoner jack antonoff don't have; they are emotional thieves and pillage real experiences, and is racist (jack's comments come from a Satanist/not a Jewish person "atheist") real artists don't hurt real artists (like Kanye West, as you all have, in racist ways, to usurp his artistry, not yours, not Black history's, you country woman, protecting white supremacists, who've done the same to real artists like me historically, not you, matty healy; you are a racist, as confirmed by a close person affected by it, me)

you're weird, but I ain't a nerd. tha'ts you who hates. you shouldn't hate, you mustn't, but you've made your choice, disavowing mlk jr's message, in favor of his persecutors; this house didn't have a flame, but I'd say that you've abused her, not helped her, even achieve an understanding of what you've done. rip mlk jr. you are not to celebrate that day, ever again; you're cancelled. and so is whomever made that video; because your witness is abusing the legal system just the same, iont see an ash, any flame? nothing being tempered? 

pinning protocol for out-of-state plain-clothed police officers (minority-training, consideration of a the woman's physical frailty, though mentally strong)? "picked up a lighter, that I hadn't seen" : examination of lighter fluid, I'm not sure if that's safe for a missing person not to be found or looked for

i, like mlk jr, stand for forgiveness, not revenge, nor druggings (like king endured, and malcolm x - not a paranoid schizophrenic)

Bystanders took the lighter (for a cig break), cleaning a place that the city hasn't cared about perhaps, not burning anything, away from her (what kind of fluid, from where, did she know what it was, is insanity murderous) and waited for authorities to arrive. When Henderson was detained, she was wearing black socks and no shoes. This is not property of King, it is property of the National Park Service

The FBI, quite obviously, is keeping almost strictly to itself. Its information is close-guarded. State men give no evidence that federal agents tell them much when they do sit down together.

There is a careful courtesy between local and state officers and federal investigators. But there is an obvious distance between them too. State people appear to feel that the FBI ought to be confiding more in them. Equally apparent, the FBI -- which usually says as little as possible -- seems to feel its facts are best kept to itself. "Cooperation" in Nesboba County is more ritual than reality.

In a move that angered a legion of Hebrew National fans, Costco stopped offering the kosher dogs and made the switch to sell Kirkland brand hot dogs in their food courts in 2009 — but it wasn't entirely their decision. The new hot dog was developed after their suppliers either quit or were closed down, and the result is the 10 percent bigger all-beef dog (made with USDA choice or better cuts) we've all come to know and love today.

Read More: https://www.mashed.com/103084/dont-know-costcos-1-hot-dog/

 no more violence in the streets, fuck violent sorts, fuck all of those who hate others, fuck hatred, fuck people who don't seek peaceful resolutions, who ain't like mlk who weird and scary

listen, i hate that someone died, but life is important, and i don't support that bullshit, that killing, that murderous shit, that shit crazy when a nigga die, any color, respect all colors nonviolence that's my shit

and um that fool ain't no shooter, or is he, the gaslighting, the suspense, not mine, stop this by describing patterns that lead to anger and violence and rage and being scary, so no one is, but he packing heat like lots of others, but i ain't support flag burning, i love diversity, so yes prosecute for the flag burnings too and y'all say he a "national," like taylor's producers/  but he born here, and what he say, who would allow that recording not to be out, and do be scared because cbd everywhere 

fuck that child porn shit too that shit nasty it all over the dark web not pornhub that site legit most part but what about the kids on it who postin 

your ip address is visible to google, molesters, those on the backend stealing to kill are fucking ugly and those in the mind, that's the closest man-rape ever

so vpns those are for weirdos, what are you hiding, Meta and similar companies, the in the name of "privacy" what are you hiding, and more what are you silently condoning: child porn drug dealings, like taylor shouldn't be interacting with kids, because she's Satanic, and vengeful immoral, like her peers, financially abusing and tricking and lying about sexual assault and bringing people in, the Neo-Nazis, who she is the artistic leader of  literally, "taking out the trash," about someone who isn't trash, believe it or not

y'all still hurting people like the holocaust, extermination of the mentally ill that is disgusting, fuck that heal and properly so by stopping violence, especially torture, so gross, so unlike you, those who survived these pains, recognize them, by acting as survivors, those who are powerfully Spiritual, forgiving and nonviolent

*lkhader, twenty-eight, is a United States citizen, not a national, though, like Taylor's bffs, they scare me too, also seem to be atheist/Satanic, like anyone scary, maybe if his name was Aaron Dresser, like I'm saying White Nationals come in all colors, many wearing colors and masks, so don't abuse on a country's behalf, like Israel nor Middle East, it's weird, and aberrant not to be kind and peaceful and nonviolent

i don't like the word "forgive" to describe an unrequested loan payoff (huh?, it's evidence of corruption, not available to all, because community college students know that forgiveness is universal, like health care and love (supposedly! correctly!)

On the holiest days, be holy! Forgive and forget, like you're taught, and be kind, and certainly understand the pains of every civil rights hero, like Martin Luther King Jr.m, whose house wasn't burned down, was undamaged, and someone is not a White supremacist, nor anti-government, but actually a fan of King's

If you preach and nonviolence, like the movements teach to say then there will be lower hatred, antisemites will be crushed when they know that anything anti- is evil

Pedophiles, like the FBI's whom chose not to prosecute Nassar's enablers thrice, not twice, once abuse is gross and fucking obvi , nor do you care about Maddox Jolie, who admits he was abused by Bradley Pitt, unprosecuted, and the kid isn't cutesy lying, he's strong and empowered nevertheless through Ms. Jolie, good role model, like M.I.A. and HAIM

known pedophiles, i fight against u individually, the strongest ways, as you are being misled and I'm the only one who knows seemingly, besides you subconsciously or consciously i kinda obligated to stop it not to be crowned unlike swift but to stop swift and swfities who advantage themselves and i'm smarter than y'all truly especially people parading the wrong diagnoses for money and fame and misleading the public, leading to mass casulaties, suicides and homicides, in her name (not even suggesting "contradictory" lol diagnoses)

huh taylor is a misogynist because she tears down women all the time, in relationships in friendships in life in her dealings with good people who love without questions and she forces you into compliance as an outsider that's the right perspective and i'm unlike johnny depp, a misogynist and violent criminal who is a supporter and enabler of the worst man in world history, marilyn manson, like swift, who unlike kanye west and eminem, doesn't disavow his vile ways nor try treet them, bc she's represented by the same monster, the same pr agent, tree paine

she doesn't lead you the right way, is abusive and scary, she takes advantage of women, sues to have fun because it's not about money anymore and she is a shark who eats prey, and i know that she's unkind misleading terroristic and terrifying because you're scared into compliance, that's a bad sign, for sure, and she is abusive, unreliable and makes you falsely confident not being able to be strong, as a white nationalist artistic choice, i'd try to help