Although Lilit is trying to make me insane, colluding with agents who torture and hurt and actually murder innocent people, when completely unnecessary, to achieve temporal joys, and do so without self-questioning, although you feel we are down, it's not true; God trumps the Devil every single time, and Certainly So. 

I am not deluded, nor are you, but devils, like the worst, are tricky and deceitful, like Matty Healy and Jack Antonoff, and they do it not for fun, not for protecting God, and it's so gross; theirs is Ugly Devilthey kill to play God, but God kills EvilI have a Godly commitment to kill Devil (but will obey laws doing so here, to continue proclaiming God)

Tree Paine's clients Taylor Swift and Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) won't get arrested in the United States, even though one forged an FBI letter, and abused the history of helping others, and Godliness

Heidi Stevens is a good writer and interesting thinker, but that's trickery to end that silly kids show, tricks of the trade include lying to others, and seducing with Threats. not really, Heidi, you described what you favor in Swiffy: serial killing (you're the same, but use taciturn methods, too), the sole writer in this area, whihc isn't folklore, knew the secret, and protected it, and isn't me (Awful Devil, as well) look what your cowardice does, you evader