"His defense lawyer, Gabrielle DiBella, chose not to argue for his release, shutting down a hearing on the matter."


Let's make an Example of This; start something new; A change should come NOW, for God



person responsible for his health, may be an Antisemite! So, he should be investigated. he is of course responsible for his health (and associated actions). was agreed that the lexapro was fucking the world up, and he didn't give a shit, and waited and waited, and Abused.

kid's not an antisemite. opposite. wrote for somewhere else, a thing that wasn't supposed to be seen, The person who reported needs to be investigated for causing undue havoc and (the spread of Antisemitism.

if you want to give credit, to God, then me. hit em at my e-mail which you have or dial in (but don't dial in a Scary Ass Threat, juts be cool).

individuals making Telelphone, direct Threats against an Asian Woman (of course, hateful, in nature, but as they know she is not an antisemite)

nothing to be investigated, just admission of new evidence

while you had the days off, how did you heal the world, how did you combat antisemitism and islamophobia and "such". has taylor done anything but encourage antisemitism, as the leader of the White Nationalists (people who steal do so aggressively, and by essence, gaslight)

no hubub, nothing drastic, just oh we fucked up. Oh!

guy was a jewish lover, of all spirits, so it stayed in his house, displayed (the star of David), that's unusual, and he was nice (so? had been in Israel, it seems, so obviously returned Happier, as it is a place of Love, and Spiritual Communion)

no one should be unduly scared, but who loves school anyway. and it's good to be safe, extra safe, but the threat wasn't there (really calm dude), guy was actively suicidal (even wrote so), mom was never contacted (except by iMessage from a weird person), people needed to be prepared for loving others, maybe he didn't know he would be spied on by a someone Scary and probably Antisemitic (definitely resulting in pain and torture, and lack of love). once they found out who the Scary one is. not a threat, won't be an Antisemite (just said he wasn't). there's more to say about being afraid, but it does build strength, right? maybe, precautions or Being Too Cautious (scared)...you can figure this out....and bitch better have my money, right RiRi

don't b here if u don wanna help, don't pick and choose, analyze, just don't be lazy, sleepy, do something about what's here and there, otherwise you're a weirdo (no weird games), shit's my own, so you're basically my shit if u steal. this is hard work, from a man, not a boy (like you plagiarists - not naming names :))

but the rule of the law! huh? the rule you're breaking, and that isn't even fitting. um, old shit. do something new, or be dusty. you're encouraging more, because the real culrpit, th white nationalist leader, just sits there, praised, and every hate group member (not him). from a musician quoting vanessa carlton

if sum1 hates ur shit, at least try to make it better, not worse, not antagonize and not care (too little, too late, sneaky tricks, to seem like heroes;)

stop being sneaky; be straightforward. death threat, death threat. things happening from death threats, punish the person responsible being told to stop making death threats ad nauseam. no excuses. don't hurt the people trying to stop this shit (backwards, much?). it won't look good in your history boox (what does history teach ya?). people aint reporting cuz they're scared; that's not normal; someone at the top is scary, and just. 

don't sit around; and certainly don't be a part of the problems (thanks, and now)


strength in numbers, but if you were truly feminists, the men wouldn't be Enabled by your misogyny, and others wouldn't feel so belittled, without their knowledge