There are certain people who make you so happy that you forget it's your birthday. Settling down, few stories. You know a bad invention? Ray Ban Stories. 90% of people don't use them anymore


There's freedom then there's continuous self-defined "happiness." These people look they can't stop, that they keep rejecting negative energies.

Have you seen anyone else that in other people, say? I once saw someone like that, and it was just some arrogant happy-go-lucky who become a lawyer. 

Being productive isn't necessarily indicative of emotional depth.

What's making [censored] creative - creativity doesn't come from consistent, bland, highest-of-the-high energy.

Yes, people look at her. There are several places online with her pictures (curiously, they are disgusting but never destroyed). it is not extreme confidence: it is nonchalant arrogance. 

If she's your friend, when's the last time you've spoken?

Does she do group chats or something? Everything seems to be the same show. Am I missing something, is the playground have different toys?

It's kind of confusing.

"Never hit a woman/Never in my life." -Don't Like

Kanye says bad words, yes, not on all of his songs, only some. God made the language, not to abuse every word, but to protect against others' use of these words

808s and Heartbreak = 0 curse words

That's not easy; it shows great restraint and creativity.

How can you know a person for sure?

You ask this because you know.

Trust your gut, and stop asking questions, Run away

she has lots of friends...if you look at it closely, not quite, and it's none of my business, but she steals friends from people who then hate the former friends who wish they were friends again and all the friends fight and bicker and wonder when and when and when.

keep on waiting for it. wait for it. wait for it.

drum drum drum drum drum

Ah, there it is; wow, a few moments

Don't worry if no one else thinks the way you do! That's what makes you unique!

Think for yourself , and don't be clonies!

Hitler, if you were so great, your artwork would have fetched more than kanye's (financial impact on arts). sorry stranger, but your shit kinda redundant..