sheNFL is a terrorist organization that preys on children and the innocent, and as such people exist I have ordered to remove physically if you get near it you are not my fried nor my enemy you are the worst humans and probably the worst thugs alive I've said many times that you're the worst humans and you are going to hell which you are and it's not a probability and also to know you current torture is not to be tolerated you are going to hell and it's going to be bad very bad you stupid people are not going to heaven and you never will be and you won't be because you know how to go and that's how you're going to go down your hatred with your love and also with you knowingness of how to bel oving, you're going to hell guys, and it's going to be really bad there is no hope for you you're better off dead and tell that to your kdis too people are praying against the NFL for everyone of its members to a die a bloody death right now in the name of God

because you are gross

because you love money

because you take what you want and don't give back you say you do but you don't and you enjoy it it's so fun i've never had so much it's a good day i love my life and you sing and dance like Taylor Swift and enjoy it on the jumboscrens and it's so fun Taylor Stadium it's fun and you say it's gonna be fun it's gonna stay at way and it's gonna be a good time a real good time hahaha it's so fun and happened the knowledge that you're unintelligent and scary so stay away from, and just, a wash away from death, so stay away from and not towards

I told you a Hail Mary doesn't mean that Sunday is not for you, yet you did so anyway, you are the worst humans in history, worse than Hitler, worse than everyone combined

your rapists are known to abuse others with those who've abused in the past so your tortures are noted and your banned from all church actvities because you are known to be disgustign you are not ogod people and the worst in history as I said and as you know you are going to Hell and yu are going now i nthe name of God I banish you all of you from the cowardly souls of yours because your chose your path and it was wrong diagonal to the end not to the right center intentionally to harm you're going to hell and it will be really bad you stupid people you had the chance but it's gone you're going away for good every single one of you because you thought it was funny but it's not you are worse than ever could be imagined because you like rape it's funny look at him it's funny you have no taste and it shows in your taste of women it ain't right you are cowards and all you care abouat is yourselves and it shows now how awful you've been historically to people who are innocent 

you are going to hell because of your sins and you are going to hell because you love a sinner and it doesn't work that way you are horrible and heightened states of mania don't work like that you're going to hell and it's gonna be real bad so when you say it's fun it's really interesting it's not you're going to hell and as i said you are known as a terrorist group and one of the worst historically known to be racist and stay away from people who are Innocent because you are the worst humans historically and you enjoyed it so it's like and so and what I wish you the worst and I'm actively praying for your demise and I also say it kindly, "you are not good people you are the worst historically and you are not kind to others because it means something to you and you enjoy it and you enjoy laughing too much so as I said you worst things I've ever seen worse than ever could have imagine, you are going to hell so please make it quick, because it can get worse for you, not The Innocent."