taylor swift other attorney

this piece of shit is getting by and deserves to know he sent alana to get fucking raped for the rest of his bitch ass family's kids, fuck them up please and now, scary af hostile and terorristic like their rest fucking antisemite

please submit all family details to israeli authorities and to the uk and japan, as there are jew communities there, all indications are of involvement personally and enablers and enablees

Hitler didn't get by pretending to be islamophobe, this individual is disgusting enabled and surrounded by his followers, the worst antisemite exterminator i could imagine

as indications are of torture, all war crimes are not imagined are crimes extra-nationally, and intent to torture is active, using weapons, his family is working and has worked to hide this fugitive 

you worked to hide this through antisemitism, and tried hard to make me antisemite which can't happen, so you had a kill on Alana meaning you wanted her to  get raped and bruitally so vicariously, yes, but also directly, hiring a team of investigators to rape someone close to her, and to torture her and me non stop, the worst individual alivc, using each other on other sides, to start the war

he his family and helpers there are the war criminals responsible for the israeli war, too, its funding and current terrorism in the united states of america, all are so disgusting racist satanist islamaphobe antisemite, not to justice, but avenged with propriety, and could quite possibly committing terrorism actively with enabling (calculated to be all former partners and current, legal not really, but romanitc and liasons, for others, which are alwasy purposeful), this office needs to be raided immediately and investigated by the United Kingdom and Japan together, and let's do so