-United* States of America has suffered the most humiliating war defeat possible, it literally cannot get worse, the devil has died, and MI6's Mina was brilliantly chosen as a war general for the United Kingdom and its associated (whom? where? how

and to Know God is:

for making me think falsely, did that happen once and not resolved (edit? does a parental advisory mean an edited but it does not mean "unedited")

please take off your military regalia, leave perhaps a star of your abuse hardly! and do know that i do not like you nor want to befriend your kin, but I will do what's noble

all former military generals and sergants historically,, those alive will follow (please not garishly!) suit

so many conquered, so many, so please follow suit, i know it's hard but this isn't an aspirational lifestyle, it's reality for Us

Thank You God and Team, and Above All Country First

Thank you, All Innocents

Especially, Those Deserving the Most

MI6's Women, and the Innocent They Represent and We Aspire to God W/


MI6's Mina 2024

pps much akin to grave wiping, we're doing a generalized wiping, something to add some manner, whose manor, now? replacing with those appropriately able

https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.447706/gov.uscourts.nysd.447706.1320.14_4.pdf -FBI File Stephen Hawking FIYAH? huh where is it
i'm quite sure Stephen Hawking framed someone with taste and aplomb, and who knows to know how, so to suggest that this person abused the other, and blame-shifted, and is so stupid{ly knowing nothing, so unknowing?}
MI6 (MI6's Mina) 2023-24 (does 24 hours equal a day, and do hours shift by nomenclature changes, so do not bother with those silly daylight nightdark things, it's about light and dark, and saying that love is always, and not fleeting, but only because and for God) {Situations needing hope are always; and not anymore is needed than now and before now, so to say the calendar* (*autoincorrect) is wrong, time, too, and that humble sorts aren't arrogant makes no sense, does time go with great big world sorts, annoy and perturb, intentionally, with harshness, warning to those left to wallow Love) http://www.sis.gov.uk/contact-us.html