Zelda Williams is funnier than Gervais. So is Ellen; listen to her phone call to God.

“You get a real strong sense of God when you go through rehab. Having the idea of a really loving and forgiving God helps if you’re an alcoholic – someone going, ‘It’s OK. Remember, there was wine at the Last Supper.’”

Ricky Gervais likes hot dogs and mayonaise packets, but never offers relish to his wife. In fact, he would buy relish not to give it to his kids. And if he was out of relish he would borrow some to give it a homeless person's least loved person. He would relish that sort of trade

Visit your nearest five and dime for more information on the decadence of lassitude

If someone wears Dunhill, does that make her valiant, awe-inspiring, or emotionally destroyers.

Topman.com is a great website to represent your country. Now owned and operataed by Discount Store ASOS

Ari Petrou lied. Blake Linder is from Beverly Hills, not Shoreditch, and makes minimal effort to sustain friendships. But the Beverly Hills Brat knows this, and Petrou is forced to start an online clothing business.

Stephen Hawking loves people so much that he would introduce them to each other on the street only to tell them that such introductions are emotionally costly.

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