such a fish in a fishbowl u r, taylor swift, such a conceited white lady, entitled, and that's not all

what happened to black muslims, what happened to islam in america, why is it villified in china, why does any form of True Spirituality get hurt, when each is peaceful, enabling emotions, bleeding for God, sacrifice and love, but I wouldn't hurt a body, let alone a soul, nor would I scare anyone, so don't scare me, humbly, I am not? Scary, I am not, nor do I want to scare others, as is obvious, why do I say this everyday, why always scary, why was the best person for Blacks historically erased, replaced by a more peaceful person who was killed, and the most peaceful one too, with such measured emotionality, not schizophrenic paranoid type ICD 13 new coding system out, so as to code Madness officially as Tyranny, and that needs someone to be crazy, not me, so "I wasn't running," right Kanye's brutal photographer, rights of abuser should be limited to basic needs to improve his abuse? How does abuse end, where does the abuser go, what if we're racially sacrificed for the mollification of others, so as to be stupid, redundant, and afraid, and to made seem aggressive, but it's just cautionary, and so scary, so very hard to fight back, but we fought for you, and now this isn't the right result, it's scary, but you don't know it, Taylor Swift, Matty, Jack and Margaret Antonoff, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, we know you, but you don't know us for some reason, and I don't like stuttering; only fearful people do, but I try to make people.    When made,  I wonder why I'm making them better, though, when it's their duties to improve Spiritually; so do not hurt us, young Matty, you are scary, inspired a hate attack by someone joking about a brown boy being brutalized, and your mother? Well, bitch, you're an actress, not an actor, an equally misogynistic monster, as you could have stopped his abuse today, by reporting him to the police, but they refused to prosecute him, because? If Matty was a Black person saying he liked to engage with "white women being brutalized," and if Taylor Swift wasn't idolized among the Neo-Nazis, and I will work harder, will work harder for peace

trying to suppress this Taylor movement? it isn't just because she's White, there's so many White succesful artists, it's because she associates, not disassociates, gross

why the guns at the door, why the murder, why the fire, is it to stop mine, which you're trying, always, with kanye west, too, who isn't you, stop making beats, jack antonoff, racist friend scares us, not taylor, though, who still fucks with him, and probably fucked him after

i won't be maddened, nor should you be, but the good ones are? huh, the ones who care, seem to be going crazy; that's why everyone on the wrong drugs, weed and oxycontin, not high-price wines, like Johnny Depp's

i'm sort of doing this for free, it'll keep you down i guess, because i have to, and i have nothing to do with this, but not a spokesperson, just by past experiences and the hopes I need to have, sort of like a servant, but I'll get an applause for this dance, maybe by proxy, through Taylor Swift, just don't laugh i guess, nor pick it apart, because it's actually kind of sophisticated, this ain't fun, it's the opposite of torture, like what she did to kanye, sitting? waiting? wishing? luckies

taylor will be on good morning china, nee-how, don't rub your black off kanye, but share it, because there are loving people, and people who rape you for it