tried as adults, sure, but ten little book is to be banned publisher because hate crimes were committed, and that word was uttered once today, as you did nothing, you are guilty of hate crimes against African-Amercians, historically, as well, Agatha Christie, and all associated entities who enabled her directly

Throw you in the back of the car, where you belong, away from others, we'll give you a new trial date

I contacted the FBI to re-investigate Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson, and next year they'll be jailed, like any random hobo on the street, not you, Johnny, alcoholic ($30k/month isn't normal, fake stuff) many boys and girls are Satanists are girls and boys, scary and immoral, but we'll make it through, unlike you, fake victims (still claiming to help, but sexually assaulting innocent girls and boys, olympians even, slaved to the country? huh? not doing anything yet, so I started a new internal investigation personally.)

Stay away from Willy Wonka, and Alice and Wonderland, because Woody Allen is a pedophile, you knew that right? Don't lie Selena Gomez and Timothee, disgusting things (sup Travis, not erased but enabled, you are a fake victim, too, also scary, unlike Travis Scott, forgiving and kind) and also Pfizer's leaders again, and correctly this time, as you've murdered children, almost knowingly? Right Mr. and Mrs. Pfizer (illegal marketing practices much, stop asking questions, and take the backseat)

tossed in, no fancy suits, consummate to your punishments

It's like Travis Kelce is making those racist words and violent death threats to Miss Kayla N., and he, just like Taylor Swift refuses to acknowledge them, only encourage the criminally documented threats (nothing is safe, new wave, starterd by genius me; any attempts at charlantry have already been discovered, so don't try abusing others to avoid; it's documented, everything, pictorially even. this is international, so jungle-dwellers, bveware, the monkeys bite! and they certainly do fly, right Mr. H.G. Tudor? He is protected.)

selena gomez, you are being played right now, dumbfuck, stay away from justin bieber

you are a chief abuser worldwide, with your abusive friend

and johnny depp will be arrested next year baby emotions

undeveloped but so hateful and murderous like many others, like you, who is played so well, by an abuse victim, alana haim (stay away from ms. apple, paul anderson)

you stay away from abuse victims, you disgusting things, who don't know nuance, and hate everything; fuck to the you!

on behalf of everyone you fucked over, for every pill you've pushed to murder, mrs. killers, fucking killers, for you fake victims, for the real abuser,


on earth, delicate things, so you'll be fucked up (and all the people enabling, just persons)

it was promised and is

remember brazil's arrest?

guess who did that? it's your American boy, who was in contact with Brazilian officials the whole time, and you'll live through earthly suffering in a prison, where she'll and they'll be treated worse than the same

I will f**k her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she's dead. 

these are easy investigations, you are lying. you protect abusers, because you are. this is changed in God's name, to be good protectors, for the good savers, those well-guided ones will and should overtake the abusers in power, legally and Spiritually

These are criminal threats you wrote, undoctored, John, and that you consummated, you disgusting feral animal; no matter where it was written, you will be charged wherever it was sent, and heard, everywhere. thanks javier dunn, you're doing well, joe tippett. stay away from sarah; you think she's hot or cold?